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CX Index uses leading techniques*

to help businesses get the most from feedback;

the metric for Customer Experience (also known as CX)

Drive up your Customer Experience through:

Increased Customer Loyalty

Increased Customer Advocacy

Increased Customer Led Innovation

Optimised Resource Allocation

While businesses turn to an accountant to measure revenues; smart businesses are recognising that the key driver of these revenues is Customer Experience.

CX Index is a tool for leading businesses to measure and manage CX, allowing our clients to make more profitable customer centric decisions.

The idea for CX Index came from an ex-trader of an investment bank who could see that traders had a range of sophisticated tools to invest in, or to speculate on the performance of businesses, but the managers of the businesses didn’t have anything near to the same sophistication to make decisions about running the businesses.

A team of leading data analysts, business strategists and software developers were brought together to develop a tool to improve decision making capabilities and business performance. A method was developed to deliver enhanced Customer Experience by leveraging network effects, technology and data analysis. CX Index™ was born.


Helping businesses measure and improve

Customer Experience Performance.

Is your business a CX Leader or a CX Laggard?

Cumulative Total Return

  • Each year the average company loses 20-50% of it’s employee base.

    Bain and Company

    Businesses that regularly survey their customers, increase upsell and cross-sell effectiveness by 20-25%


    The key to customer retention is customer satisfaction


  • An increase in customer retention by 2% has the same effect of reducing costs by 10%


    A 5% increase in customer retention can increase profits by 25% to 95%.

    Bain & Co.

    A 10% increase in customer retention is equal to a 30% increase in company value

    Bain & Co.


Our process has been carefully designed to help you

get the most from customer feedback to drive up

your customer experience and business performance.



Feedback is the metric for Customer Experience. The Best way to engage a client for Feedback, is to ask them for it. We help clients easily gather feedback from customers by carefully designing easy to use feedback forms


Industry leading Response Rates

At CX Index we boast industry leading response rates; it’s all down to a range of features specially built to drive up Customer Engagement.

Analyse response rates and the level of engagement for each business unit or compared across multiple locations through our specially designed, intuitive dashboards.




Whether you’re a global organisation, a small chain of retailers, or a boutique Hotel - we ensure the right information gets to the right people in as it arrives onto our system.

CX Index offers different permissions, allowing access to information from single business units and multiple business locations. Dashboards are carefully designed for different types of contexts and different kinds of decisions, information can be looked at from a long term strategic or a more day-to-day operational perspective.

Further up the organisation hierarchy a manager can take a holistic view of Customer Experience performance in the organisation.

Multi-Unit Organisations

For large organisations in a range of locations, managers at a central level, have greater transparency regarding what’s happening with their brand, to ensure they are delivering on their brand promise.

It’s akin to having an automated P&L for your Customer Experience. It’s a great way to engage and better understand customers, so you can make impactful strategic business decisions and channel resources in the right direction.

Barry Dowling, CEO Transfermate



Intuitive Dashboards

The first thing you see when logging into CX Index is to see high level information to check if there has been any recent activity since the last login.

Once a feedback form or survey is filled out; we run a range of analyses of the information. We have quantitative data analysts and data mining experts to help you make more profitable decisions with the information.

Predictive Analysis

Our built-in statistical algorithms run a range of analysis of data so you don’t have to. We look at the key outcomes for your business and identify the best way for you to increase these outcomes. An example of a key outcome could be a customer buying additional products.

The methods we employ represent a sure fire way to optimise resource allocation.

Qualitative Data / Unstructured Data
/ Data Mining

While our quant analysis can tell you where the strengths and weaknesses are in your business; the data-mining of comments is a terrific way to uncover opportunities for innovation and solutions to the problems in your business.

When comments first arrive into our system, our data mining technology allows you to break these comments down by a range of criteria; you can then see what the key trends are. This is one of the most sophisticated data mining tools on the market.

Social Media Integration

In fitting scenarios, when the score is right, we drive traffic to social media. Our clients have experienced a major spike in social media advocacy




Managers can look to all of the information on CX index to seek out appropriate actions to improve customer experience. One such example is through our Complaints management…

When a customer leaves a feedback score below a certain level, CX Index triggers an alert so appropriate manager is notified immediately so as to save the relationship, this is a terrific way to protect the relationship with the customer and strengthen engagement.

Alerts can be monitored across a group or at local level within a business unit.

In addition,CX Index can highlight and prioritise which issues are causing most problems and address the issues to work towards improving Customer Experience.



Designed to help our clients to identify areas of relative strength or weakness, CX Index can provide, especially applicable in hospitality or larger multi-unit organisations, market benchmarking so our clients can see in real time how they perform against market norms on customer experience metrics

- Compare and rank performance between business units.
- Track performance on KPIs through time on easy follow graphics.

Even monitor performance on a range of KPIs through time, with easy to follow graphs of key information. The image shown below tracks progress through time across business units on “Value For Money”




We can help you use all of the tools as outlined to your advantage, so you can enhance and improve your customer experience. As clearly shown, this is directly related to your business performance. This is not something that happens overnight, but if you work at it the benefits a terrific for your business.

We are continually improving and enhancing CX Index to be the leading tool to help businesses, manage, enhance and improve Customer Experience performance. To find out more, please contact us today. Allow us to come with you on the journey, and we can become more successful together.


Solutions for Banking & Finance,
Hotels & Hospitality, Retail, Employee Experience
and more…

CX Index™ works with SMEs, Multinationals, State Agencies and carefully Selected Strategic Partners
to deliver great Customer and Employee Experiences

Banking and Finance

CX Index is a perfect fit for banks or investment firms looking to increase client
satisfaction, employee performance and upsell and cross-sell effectiveness.
We help financial services companies improve CX performance through:

Cost-efficient data collection
  • High-quality, cost-effective multi-channel data collection
  • Cutting-edge responsive technology architecture
  • Ability to outsource and integrate telephone surveys
World class Data Analysis
  • Our leading data analysts crunch the numbers, so you don’t have to
  • Statistical analysis based on key outcomes, such as revenue, number of products bought
  • Data mining and text analytics with the latest algorithms to drive up customer-led innovation and really understand your customers
Proven data security
  • Comprehensive secure architecture,
  • Compliant with the highest of standards
  • In house data protection and Information security expertise, ability to offer consulting in this arena too

Retail Banks

CX Index fits perfectly in a retail banking context, where managers can have clear visibility across a branch network while benefiting from best practises to see what works best to drive success.

CX index has a team of experts that help companies get maximum results from engagement efforts to achieve business goals. We work with leading financial services companies to offer one clear picture of a diverse, complex business. We offer a much better understanding of the dynamics of the customer relationship.

Integrate customer feedback from across the organization into one common platform. CX Index has been designed with multiple layers to ensure our client can gain most from their customer experience efforts.

Specialist dashboards available for:

Head Office

Strategic decisions can be made, with a clear idea of which areas within an organisation are relatively strong and which ones are relatively weak. Our special “Head office” dashboard gives key information on one page.

Branch Level

Option to drill down across multiple levels and into minute detail providing full transparency as to what is happening across the organisation. With all of this information to hand it makes it much easier to make decisions for allocating resources for:

  • Improving customer service
  • Improving operating performance
  • Marketing initiatives
  • Enhancing customer led innovation
  • Getting the most from employees

Investment Firms

CX Index is a great tool for Investment Managers and Portfolio Managers to engage with clients to:

  • Gain a better understanding of needs and requirements
  • Reduce Customer Churn
  • Increase Upsell and Cross Sell effectiveness

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  • Experience

Hotels and Hospitality

CX Index works with leading Independent Hotels and Hotel Chains in a wide range of locations. We help them to succeed through loyalty management, increased social advocacy and a range of actionable insights designed to drive up customer experience and performance.

Whether you’re a leading multi-site multi-national chain of hotels or a boutique hotel, CX Index can cater for your needs.

CX Index is a key tool to help us manage and improve the experience we provide our guests. It's a very useful tool for managers at each location, strategically it has given us a clear overview of experience across our hotels, there's no doubt it's having a very positive impact on our business.

Mairead Carney, Group HR Manager, Carlton Hotels

Why Hotels Use CX Index™:
  • Improved business performance
  • Increased Customer loyalty
  • Drive Up customer-led innovation
  • Improve Social Advocacy
  • Easier and Smarter form design
  • Get the right information to the right people
  • Drive up key outcomes e.g. Ancillary spend

Hotel Chains
  • “The smartest tool on the market for guiding resource allocation”
  • Monitor and track performance across all of your properties
  • Set standards for your brand
  • Benchmark performance internally and externally on a range of KPIs
Individual Hotels

CX Index sets the standard for Customer Experience in Hotels, use our patent pending benchmarking technology to see how you fare on KPIs against market norms.

Hotel Directors / General Managers
  • Automatically push happy customers onto social media sites such as TripAdvisor™
  • See which parts of your business are performing and which areas need improvement with specialised dashboards for different businesses within each hotel
  • Identify areas for improvement and measure success in improving overall guest satisfaction and performance by department.
  • Benchmark your hotel’s performance on specially designed Key Indicators against your direct competitors.
  • Improve new hire and staff training programs based on quantitative and qualitative guest feedback.
  • Identify the best ways to allocate resources across your business

Arising from our experience with Hotel restaurants, CX Index is also now live in a range of leading restaurants, helping clients to continuously enhance performance.

CX index uses leading techniques to help businesses get the most from feedback, which is the metric for customer experience.

  • Benefit from being part of a value added network
  • Increased Customer Loyalty
  • Increased Customer Advocacy
  • Increased Customer Led Innovation
  • Much Smarter Allocation of Resources
  • All of this makes it much easier for you to reach business goals

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Why CX index?

Our comprehensive retail customer experience management solution makes it easy for your entire retail organization to deliver winning experiences while overcoming the unique obstacles of retail.

A customer experience solution specifically designed for retailers. We seamlessly integrate with POS systems remotely, it’s the best way to ensure you can deliver greater customer experiences and significantly push upsell and cross sell opportunities.

CX Index turns complex data into simple, relevant insights and clear actions. We allow location managers to take increased ownership of the experience delivered at their location. Our clients can leverage positive experiences so their Business units can learn from the best ensuring that all managers understand which factors drive up the experience for you brand.

Collect feedback from all customers, including anonymous ones

Even with limited or no customer contact information, you can achieve retail-industry-leading response rates in a frictionless, practical way with CX Index POS integration for significantly increased customer engagement and marketing opportunities

  • POS Integration and email receipt-based surveys
  • Other data collection modes, including comment cards, kiosks, handhelds, SMS, call centre and QR codes

The Opportunity

Imagine the growth opportunity for your brand if:

  • Your customer experience management program provided accountability to location managers?
  • You knew which elements of the customer experience would have the biggest impact on driving key outcomes such as loyalty, advocacy and even revenues.
  • Easily identify which issues need addressing

Fully leverage your POS data

CX Index Retail integrates with POS data so you can understand satisfaction data using metrics including:

  • Product and product category
  • Time of purchase
  • Department
  • Employee

Why CX Index?

Our comprehensive retail customer experience management solution makes it easy for your entire retail organization to deliver winning experiences while overcoming the unique obstacles of retail.

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Employee Feedback

“Employee engagement” - Def: The extent to which employees are committed, believe in the values of the company, feel pride in working for their employer, and are motivated to go the extra mile.

To properly manage customer experience, businesses should also look closely at employee experience. The two are very closely linked, the outcomes are very similar, and the practise of measuring employee experience is very similar to measuring customer experience.

  • High correlation between employee experience and customer experience.
  • Positive Employee experience drives forward positive customer experience.
  • Happy employees are much more likely to stay loyal and work harder, just like happy customers are more likely to remain loyal and spend more.
  • Harris (2007) “Customer Experience begins at the heart of an organization. It begins with employees who are being the strategy and living the brand”.

Research has found that gathering feedback is the key to giving employees a sense of where they’re going, but many organizations are remarkably bad at gathering it.

At CX Index™ you can leverage our leading feedback technology to drive up

  • Improved employee Retention
  • Employee Satisfaction
  • Monitor employee satisfaction and engagement in real time
  • Collect unsolicited feedback with online feedback forms
  • Use specialized surveys via email, mobile, text, and more
  • Watch for trending topics
  • Answer individual comments or give a widespread response
  • Take action on key drivers that engage employees 

Who looks to employee experience?

  • C – Level Executives
  • HR Managers
  • Marketing Managers
  • Customer Service Manager

According to Target Training International

more than 60% of all customers stop dealing with a company because of perceived indifference on the part of an employee”.

“our research shows a well-substantiated relationship exists between employee engagement – the extent to which employees are committed, believe in the values of the company, feel pride in working for their employer, and are motivated to go the extra mile – and business results.”

Cost per hire

Consider these recruitment activities - and costs - that can be minimized
by having engaged emploees.

  • Sourcing/Recruiting
  • Career fair expenses
  • Resume reviewing
  • Cost of skills assessment
  • Time spent on 2nd interviews
  • Resumes reviewed per phone interview
  • Personal interviews per 2nd interview
  • Training/ramp up costs
  • Training costs
  • Cost of increased supervision for new hire
  • Salary costs of recruiters
  • Recruiting/screening process costs
  • Time spent phone interviewing
  • Cost of employment verification
  • Costs of job advertising
  • Resume sourcing
  • Cost of background check
  • Time spent for personal interviews
  • Quality costs – multiplicative factors
  • Phone interviews per personal interview
  • Rate of offer acceptance
  • Orientation class
  • New hire diminished productivity
  • 2nd interviews per offer
  • Orientation/training materials
  • Instructor salaries
  • Time spent preparing job offers
  • Rate of candidates who pass screenings

CX Index helps you

We can help you make dramatic improvements in your employee engagement.
Four drivers of employee engagement, the extent to which they are:

being helpful feeling-competentl feeling-accepted feeling-respected

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  • Retial

Want to get started?

Contact us for a discussion about a solution for your business.



David Heneghan

David leads the company’s strategic vision of building an information company that will use emerging technology, data analysis and networks to bring more efficient decision making capabilities to key decision makers in business. Much of the inspiration behind David’s ideas for CX Index came from the trading platforms he used when working as a Trader in a London Investment bank.

David coordinates efforts of a team of experts from a range of disciplines to help clients make smarter customer centric decisions. A qualified Barrister, David has a Bachelor of Commerce degree and a Masters in Strategic Management and Planning, both from University College Dublin.

Piotr Kordalski

Piotr joined CX Index in January 2012, and is charged with product architecture and development of CX Index, a platform which continually grows and evolves. Piotr works with our data analysts to ensure seamless translation of their analysis techniques and algorithms onto our system so our customers can leverage their data to make more profitable decisions. Piotr has 12 years full time development experience and has developed software applications in online education software, gaming and CRM.

Much of our new product development pipeline comes from client requests and we continually listen to learn and improve based on what our clients need and want. Piotr coordinates these requests in a pipeline of continued product enhancement. Piotr has a degree in economics from the University in Krakow.

Igor Jankowski
User Experience and Design.

A key driver of success at CX Index is beautiful product design. We design intuitive tailor made feedback forms, this is important for customer engagement and helps to drive up response rates. In addition, pulling a clear picture from complex data analysis can sometimes be difficult. Igor works tirelessly to enhance the user experience at CX Index so our clients can enjoy seamless intuitive interaction with our product. Igor brings a wealth of design experience to the table, having designed for some leading multinational organisations, and ensures each of our customers enjoys a representation of their brand when using CX Index to engage for feedback.

Brian Honan
Information Security

At CX Index Information Security is a key feature. As head of Information Security and Data Protection, Brian provides guidance to ensure that we take all the necessary precautions to protect our systems and our data. Brian was named as the SC Magazine's Information Security Person of the Year 2013 and one of the “Top 25 Influencers in Security You Should Be Following” by Tripwire Inc. Brian has provided advice to companies of varying sizes, governments and the European Commission.

Professor Simon Wilson
Chief Data Analyst

Simon is responsible for designing the algorithms we use for analysis of customer Data. Simon can create tailor made solutions for specific client needs.Head of the discipline of statistics at Trinity College Dublin which is based out of the School of Computer Science and Statistics, Simon has a Ph.D from the George Washington University in Stochastic Modelling and a BA in Mathematics from Oxford University.

Dr. Markus Hofmann
Unstructured Data Analysis

Specialising in data mining of customer comments, Markus’s role is to develop algorithms around unstructured data for our clients so they can work to increase customer led innovation, and find solutions to problems. A Ph D in statistics, Markus specialises in business intelligence, database optimisation and has a keen interest in rich web development and virtual learning environments.

Arnab Bhattacharya, Ph.D
Data Analyst and Consultant

A Ph. D from Trinity College Dublin, Arnab works as a consultant for CX Index and when required can visit clients to go through special statistical problems to help them identify the most profitable ways of running analysis. Arnab has a strong interest in Bayesian Statistics and its applications. He is also interested in classical Time Series and regression, both linear and non-linear, and does a lot of work on state space modelling.

Kyle Goslin
Data Analyst and Software Development

Kyle works on continually evolving and improving the CX Index capabilities to draw insight from unstructured data sets. Kyle is a software developer and Ph.D research student at the Institute of Technology Blanchardstown he works closely with our clients to deliver enhanced insights. Kyle also lectures at the College of Computer Training.


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